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Welcome to MagicModem

Welcome to our site!

We are distribuitors of modems for over 20 years as a wholesaler, but we are expanding our business to small sale. We have dedicated technicians in India working and refurbishing these modems, so we can beat any price that is on the net, no one sells modems cheaper than us because we base our prices depeding on the market. We will be always a dollars less than the lowest price selling on the net. Recently, we added a modems modification as it has become one very popular hobbie and it cost us nothing to install any firmware since we refurbished them in India then imported to the USA. So labor is really cheap for us, and thus we can sell you a good product at a cheaper price than anyone else.

Below are the reason to buy from us:

----FREE SHIPPING ON ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS----except international ----

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING (shipping and handling $45) WILL BE PROVIDED WITH A TRACKING NUMBER with delivery confirmation and will be added at paypal checkout

-We are AUTHORIZED reseller of HAXORWARE

-We are always a dollar less than anywhere on the market

-We offer free shipping to all of our products

-Our technicians are specialized to refurbish modems

-Our technicians modifies the modem correctly and test modems before shipping

-No one can compete with us because we have third world country labor

-Our savings from buying large shipments at a lower price gets pass on to our customers



We sell two kinds of modems: plug and play modems and modified modems.

For the modified modems, there is not technical support. By purchasing the modified modems, you accept that you know how to use the modems or investing time to learn how to use it, and will not be use for theft of service. Magicmodem sells the modems as diagnostics modem and for learning purposes ONLY.  Do NOT steal service from your provider. We do not support this kind of practice. You are solely responsible for whatever you do with the modem you purchase from us.

For the plug and play modems, there is technical support and sales live help chat via msn messenger on the left module.


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